The Malaysian Basketball Association (MABA) Academy is a basketball academy established in 2018 with a sole purpose of bringing basketball in Malaysia to new heights. Based in MABA Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, known as one of the best and most well equipped basketball stadium in Malaysia where various local and international basketball leagues are held including the 2017 SEA Games. Conducted by a few of the country's national men and women basketball coaches, the Academy aims for greatness.

The Academy is a year-round academy designed to help participants develop and progress in the game of basketball. The Academy’s numerous programs meet the needs of various individuals regardless of age, basketball backgrounds or skill levels. Whether it be learning and mastering fundamental skills or taking those skills to the next level, the Academy's goal is to help anyone, of any age and skill level, improve.

Our coaches understand that any athlete wishing to improve has to be strong both mentally and physically, which is why our Academy is structured around 3 levels of training, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - all of which utilizes MABA's 2 full court sized basketball courts and an indoor gym for Strength & Conditioning.