Malaysia defeated Singapore with 58-49

Submitted by Maba on 2015-04-30 23:13:51


  (SINGAPORE) Malaysia men team had a tough game with the host team-Singapore in the third match of 11th SEABA Championship. A good news from Malaysia men team was that they have won the game against Singapore (58 vs 49) and they made straight win of 3 games in 11th SEABA Championship 2015. The result of Malaysia men team created have confirmed the qualification in the coming FIBA Asia 2015.

Malaysia men team just have 1 point leads (12 vs 11) to Singapore during the end of first quarter. Although Malaysia men team have 6 points ahead to Singapore team at the beginning of second period of the game, but Singapore have aggresive attack and conversely the situation with 3 points leads (22 vs 19). Malaysia men team had fall behind of 4 points (23 vs 27) to Singapore at the end of half court.

Start of third quarter, Malaysia men team re-arrange the team and fight back the score to 33 vs 27. The 3 points shoot made by Kuek Tian Yuan before the end of third quarter have change the draw score (36 vs 36) into 3 points leads. With the leading points in hand by Malaysia men team, they have broaden the gap to 9 points ahead and maintain the leading advantage. Moreover, Tong Wen Keong and Ma Chee Khuen have scored total 9 points and win the third game of the championshi.

There are 4 players of Malaysia team whose scored double, Kuek Tian Yuan, captain of the team have made 11 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists; Yeo Ivan 11 points and 11 rebounds; Tong Wen Keong and Chu Wei Hong each scored 10 points.

Malaysia men team will have their last match with against Laos on 1st of May 2015 and wish to get runner-up in this year SEABA Championship. While Singpore will against another strong team, Philippines. They confirmed get a seat for coming FIBA Asia 2015 with the result of 3 win 1 lose in 11th SEABA Championship.