Malaysia National Women’s Team in preparation for the 2019 SEA Games!

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Malaysia National Women’s Team in preparation for the 2019 SEA Games!

We caught up with our National Women’s Team Head Coach, Yoong Sze Yuin to catch up on the plans for the Women’s Team for 2019. Q: Coach, what has been the first step in preparations to retain the Gold Medal at this year’s SEA Games? A: We have shortlisted 20 players to be a part […]

Malaysia Matrix TBSL 2019

Malaysia Matrix finished their debut Thailand Basketball Super League season with a 2-5 record, finishing 7th in the standings. Despite being allowed to field four imports, Matrix opted to only use only import, Filipino Jeff Viernes for their campaign in order to further develop their Malaysian players. Malaysia Matrix showed strong determination throughout the season, […]

(2018) 60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup Final Round – Full Results

Here are the full results of the 60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup Final Round games. Men’s Group A 26/12/18 – Negeri Sembilan vs Westports Malaysia Dragons 94-53 26/12/18 – MABA Selection vs Angkatan Tentera Malaysia 93-44 27/12/18 – Westports Malaysia Dragons vs MABA Selection 85-45 27/12/18 – Negeri Sembilan vs Angkatan Tentera Malaysia 120-28 28/12/18 – Negeri […]

(2018) 60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup Qualifying Round Full Results

Here are the full results from the  60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup Qualifying Round which was held from from the 19th to 23rd of December 2018 at MABA Stadium, Kuala Lumpur The Westports Malaysia Dragons emerged champions defeating NS Matrix 2 73-69 in overtime in the finals game. Both teams qualified for the Final Rounds held […]

60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup Individual Awards Winners

Here are the Individual Awards Winners for the 60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup! MABA congratulates all the winners on your outstanding achievements! Men’s Most Valuable Player  David Heng Yee Tong 王奕栋 (奕栋) (Westports Malaysia Dragons) Women’s Most Valuable Player Sunny Chin Sun Tsing (Shun Ching) (Hatchers Sports Club 焱鸷) Men’s Finals Best Player Wong Yi Hou (Negeri Sembilan […]

60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup National Team Shortlist Men and Women’s (2018)

Here are the Men and Women’s 🇲🇾 🏀 National Team Shortlist selected based on their outstanding performances at the 60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup! Congratulations to all selected players! Please note a slight typo on PDRM’s #20 Loh Shee Fai’s Date Of Birth. It should read as 16/01/1989 instead of 16/01/1998

【元首杯】警察功亏一簣 森美兰创三连冠

警察功亏一簣,森美兰在第60届大马篮总/金群利元首杯全国篮球赛实现男子组3连冠。 森男在这场决赛以5比0漂亮开局,警察靠陈利伟拿下7分,包括一个强力灌篮,成功拉近比分,不过森男还是保持19比14领先。 警察在次节多点开花,朱维鸿射进2个3分,单节打出23比13,森男即使抢获进攻篮板却没有把握得分机会,魏川进压哨中投命中并造犯规,不过加罚不进,警察以37比32领先上半场。 第三节,双方展开激战,森男追到36比38,罗树辉连中两个3分,警察以44比38领先,可是森男打出一波7比0,反超45比44领先。廖慈辉包办最后4分,警察以50比47再超前结束前三节。 黄亿豪在末节爆发,一人连砍8分,麦洛城再添2分,森男打出一波10比0,以57比52抢回领先权但陷入犯规潮,黄亿豪随后也5犯离场,警察用罚球连追5分扳平,陈利伟与罗树辉各添2分,警察以61比57居前。 王伟荣与吕威洋先后命中2个关键的3分,森男又以63比61领先,场上战况激烈,时间只剩1分钟。曾梓峰与陈利伟各取2分,森男依然2分领先。 森男开球5秒违规后,警察没有把握进攻机会,陈利伟被吹走步,警察唯有采取犯规,王伟荣二罚二中,让森美兰笑到最后。 森男黄亿豪交出20分5篮板,为他赢得决赛最佳球员殊荣;拼尽老命的警察中锋陈利伟19分8篮板、罗树辉14分。

60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup Men’s Finals Recap – Negeri Sembilan achieves the threepeat!

Negeri Sembilan Basketball Association – NSBA successfully secure their third Agong Cup Men’s Championship in a row, defeating Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) 67-63 in an epic game of basketball! The first quarter was a cagey affair with both teams committing 16 fouls in total. Negeri Sembilan were able to take an early 10 point lead after […]

60th MABA/Matrix Women’s Day 5 Recap – Negeri Sembilan are the Champions!

Negeri Sembilan Basketball Association – NSBA secured the 60th MABA/Matrix Agong Cup Women’s Championship in emphatic fashion by defeating Segamat BA 85-35! The victory brought home the Women’s Championship to Negeri Sembilan for the 11th time and for the first time since 1967. Segamat were dealt a huge blow before the game as the Tan sisters, […]