Daniel Jonathan Eves

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Daniel Jonathan Eves

Name: Daniel Jonathan EvesNumber: 33Height: 6’7” (201 cm)Weight: 216 lbs (98kg)Instagram: EvesDropping3s Daniel Jonathan is a Canadian player coming from Barrie, Ontario, Canada which he is a competitive basketball player for 25 years. He joined university basketball at York University in Toronto Canada. Not only that, he was also a 2-time All-Canadian in university. But […]


大马女篮周日在B组末仗以58比81不敌牙买加,1胜2负结束共运会征途。 昨日以85比72战胜印度后,大马女篮在小组末仗与牙买加争夺附加赛的出线权,可惜球队在第4节失准,被对手一波攻势粉碎逆转的希望,吞下第2场败仗。 牙买加15比9取得好开始,大马队随后爱击12比4,双方首节战成21平;次节,大马队在后半程手感不佳,让牙买加完成9比0攻势,上半场以40比30领先。 第3节,大马率先进入状态,以37比42逼近,但是身高占优的牙买加强打篮低,双方单节各得17分,保持10分差距。 大马在末节不断轰炸三分却失准,反遭对手打了一波15比0攻势拉开25分差距,最终以23分之差输掉比赛。 牙买加的珍妮弗贡献25分20篮板、森奈卡20分;大马的陈巧婷17分6篮板、叶佛仪和依查蒂各得10分,篮板球以38比53处在劣势,命中率也只有33%(66投22中)。 Source: e Nan Yang | Click Here


We are pleased to announce that 11 teams have signed up for the inagural MPL-Development League that will commence on 6th May. More information on the teams and the league will be available soon. About MPL-D: MPL-D is created with the vision to develop young Malaysian players towards being a professional player. This platform serves […]

Cagers Meet Prince Charles but Fail to Advance

A CHANCE meeting with Prince Charles was not enough to salvage the Malaysian women’s basketball team’s hopes of making the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games. The Prince of Wales was a guest at the Cairns Convention Centre to watch the New Zealand women’s team in action against India. And the Malaysians were fortunate enough to […]

Malaysian Cagers Earn Deserving Win Over Superior India

THE Malaysian women’s basketball team are the shortest and the lowest-ranked team at the Common­wealth Games.   But they can certainly walk tall after giving a steely performance to beat world No. 45 India 85-72 at the Cairns Convention Centre yesterday. Following their 86-44 mauling at the hands of New Zealand on Thursday, world No. […]


(佛山6日综合电)大马週四傍晚在附加赛中以42比79惨败给纽西兰,缘慳中国佛山的第5届亚青16岁以下男篮赛八强。 大马此役的投篮命中率低于16%,只有郑尊凯一人得分上双(17分)。人高马大的纽西兰在內线佔尽优势,篮板抢夺战以56对38佔据绝对优势。 东南亚冠军菲律宾在附加赛以103比61横扫香港,八强以72比70险胜日本,半决赛静候中国或黎巴嫩的贏家。 下半区的半决赛对决,是纽西兰与澳洲这对大洋洲內战。前者在八强以73比69力挫伊朗,澳洲则以69比60击退韩国。 Source: Oriental Daily Online | Click Here

Women’s Competition

Thursday 5 April The women’s competition starts in the evening (Get tickets: BK0501 ) with Jamaica meeting India in the opening match. Jamaica will make its Commonwealth Games Basketball debut in Cairns and they’ve got their eyes on a spot on the podium. India will also be looking for a strong start to the tournament – the nation […]

MABA Looks to Advance Malaysian Basketball Further in 2018

We had an opportunity to have a sit down interview with the president of Malaysia Basketball Association (MABA), Dato’ Lua Choon Hann together with the committee members, Mr Boon Ang, Mr Ken Yap, Mr Sinheng Sim and Coach Lee Kheng Tian on the plans and goals for Malaysian basketball in 2018. As the answers came […]

Day 1 of the FIBA U16 Asia Championship

FOSHAN (FIBA U16 Asia Championship) – The Philippines hardly impressed anyone despite surviving a gritty Malaysia, 62-57, on Day 1 of the FIBA U16 Asia Championship. Despite having a bigger and deeper team, the Philippines struggled on both ends of the floor against a Malaysian side that played fast and smart. Malaysia were actually ahead after the first ten […]