MABA | Malaysia Basketball Association All,MPLD #GAME 39 – FARMCO KNIGHT VS RED BARON STATEMENT



The Malaysia Pro League management with regards to the Game 39 between Farmco Knight (FK) vs Red Baron (RB) on the 1st July 2018 have reviewed the said game as there was a protest by Farmco Knight on the game as there was a technical error resulting the clock delay of four (4) seconds during the fourth quarter at 24.9 seconds whereby the score was FK 59 – 50 RB.

This technical error was not corrected during the game, resulting in a judgement call error. The league officials after reviewing all the evidence and appeal from Farmco Knight acknowledges that there has been a technical and judgement call error by the technical officials.

This has led to the official in charge handling the appeal case to have a jury of appeal which ruled that there should be a replay of the game due to the errors made during the game which resulted in the delay.

The decision of replay however met a deadlock situation and has resulted in a delay of the game for nearly a week. The league has then met with all the parties concerned and have held discussions.

Through the whole process, the Farmco Knight team have graciously agreed to withdraw their appeal in order for the league to move on for the betterment of the game.

Assistant Coach Hong Tsun Hou said “I accept the explanation of the league
and understand that the league is a growing developmental league, not just for the teams,
but also for the officials. Today, we take one for the league in order for it to move on.

The league would like to apologise to Farmco Knight for the incident and thank the owners for their co-operation and willingness to ensure that the league’s best of interest is
prioritized. The league will take the appropriate action to ensure that the technical and judgement call errors will not be repeated and shall take the appropriate actions to improve.

As the final result of Game 39 stands, Farmco Knight will be out of playoff contention and would be playing their classification game for 7th and 8th placing on 14th July 2018.

The MPLD-League finals weekend begin this 13th July, 6:00pm at MABA Stadium.

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